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Behind the Creator

First, I would like to welcome you to Snatched By G. My name is Gianna Angulo i was born in Colombian and raise in Miami, FL. I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids a 4 year old and 5 months baby. My passion is to support women and help them achieve their goals. Ever since i was young i knew one day i would achieve something great to help other people be successful. Waist training has been a very big part of my success to a healthy lifestyle. After having my first baby i was very discourage and i couldn't process how my body had changed after my first baby. Depression was a huge factor and my confidence was at an very low point. I started to go back to my roots how can my mother of 4 kids look soo amazing yet she had 4 Kids? to me this was puzzling. The more i started to ask the amazing women in my family the more i discovered. I'm here to share the secrets all Colombian women live by. I'm sure you have heard how Colombian women stand out for their Voluptuous figures, yes! that all due to waist training or also know as (Fajas). This is due to Colombian culture the ultimate figure is said to be similar to a wasp o Cintura De Avispa! By just waist training for 6-8 hours a day this Cintura de avispa is very achievable as long as you follow with your waist trainer. As a mother of 2 kids i know how important it is to have confidence in yourself and feel and look sexy. I can confidently tell you that waist training has not only help achieve my goals but it has also allow me to share this amazing benefit will women around the world. Snatched by G strived to provide quality products at a low and affordable price because our goal is to help women achieve confidence one waist trainer at a time.
Thanks to our innovative and service-oriented approach, Snatched By G has been highly successful since day one. Browse our site and get in touch if you need any assistance. Happy Training babes!

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